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Disaster sensitive govt critical

By Chigumbu Warikandwa Delegates sat for a disaster preparedness workshop at Ndlela Centre in Gweru in 2009. This centre is owned by the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe (MCZ). The workshop was steered by the MCZ Education Department then led by renowned educationist, Reverend Masala Masuku. The Methodist Church’s disaster aptitude was inspired by the events of December 1995 which saw the death of 22 pupils from Moleli High School at Lake Chivero after the coxswain overloaded the boat they were sailing threefold. Accident stakeholders’ reaction in this mishap was highly uninspiring leading to an avoidable surge in unwanted casualties. Had the students and the guiding teacher not taken active DIY assistance, the casualties could have surged beyond 22. In Zimbabwe there is a general ineptitude towards disasters as evidenced by public reactions at the most common road traffic accidents. Usually, bystanders jostle to catch a curious glimpse of dying victims without offering common first aid. Disappointing enough would be that the jostling bystanders retard the speed and efficiency of first aiders should they, however, arrive. Pro-action and reaction periods are most important in the accident cycle. Only a couple of days ago, President Mugabe was in Mexico attending the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction organised by the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction. This platform, which calls for participation at highest level from UN member states, is...

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Channel donor funds through govt

By Tafara Shumba The Shona people have an edifying truism in their rich language that goes- ‘vana vembwa havasvunuri musi umwe chete.’ The literal translation being that, puppies, which are born functionally blind and deaf, do not open up their eyes on the same day. Several years after most of the erstwhile benefactors of the regime changers stopped bankrolling the project due to accountability issues, Sweden has just realised now that it has been pouring tax payer’s money into some bottomless pits. The Scandinavian country has finally opened up its eyelid, belatedly though. While addressing a gathering that witnessed the $1.35 million donation to the Culture Fund of Zimbabwe recently, Sweden’s head of development cooperation, Maria Selin said they would put some stringent monitoring mechanisms to make sure that their fund was not diverted elsewhere. According to Selin, they will want to see where and how their money is used. Of course, it is known that one who pays the piper calls the tune. “We do not want to see the results and we want to be able to track our investment and we need to know where the money is going. We do not accept that our money that comes from the tax payer way back in Sweden is diverted to anywhere, where it is not supposed to be,” said Selin. Agreed, they are supposed to know how...

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Pastor Chamisa, a dictator in the making

By Tafara Shumba The dangerous remark on compulsory voting system recklessly made by one of the vice presidents of the MDC-T, Pastor Nelson Chamisa, came at a time when many people had almost pinned the hope and future of the opposition party on him. Pastor Chamisa recently called for compulsory voting for every citizen above the age of majority and urged the nation to take after Australia which has an obligatory voting system where citizens who refrain from voting are penalised. The utterances drew prompt scorn from Zimbabweans across the political divide. However, what is worrisome is the paucity...

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Harness Mzembi’s UNWTO election experience for Zim’s benefit

By Nobleman Runyanga The Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Engineer Walter Mzembi contested the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) Secretary General’s position on 12 May 2017 in Madrid, Spain, and lost to Georgia’s Zurab Pololikashvili, despite an impressive 33-nation campaign. The loss has elicited mixed reactions at home with some opposition supporters claiming that the results reflected that, being a Zanu PF member, he was not electable, while most progressive Zimbabweans regretted the three-vote near miss. While members of the opposition, as has become their custom, rush to blame anything on Zanu PF, Minister Mzembi did his...

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Vic Falls Airport – the tourism game changer

By Sijabuliso Ndhlovu A few years ago, no one ever imagined Victoria Falls International Airport attracting reputable international airlines. It was a simple airport that serviced flights from Harare, Johannesburg and Windhoek. It only landed a Boeing 737 or equivalent and was quiet for most of the day. So, when the expansion project kicked off in May 2013, the general feeling was that the new infrastructure will become a white elephant for many reasons. Those that are experts in the aviation sector gave many reasons for that and highlighted that as long as the factors they addressed had not...

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