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NPP – tale of a still-born party

By Rungano Dzikira Opposition politics in Zimbabwe have remained a calculated cash cow gimmick for many, ever since opposition leaders lustfully noted the desperation by foreigners to dethrone the current ruling party, leading...

Consumers should go the digital way

By Chido Chikuni The world has been transformed into a global village with goods and services just a click away. This year, Zimbabwe joined the rest of the world in celebrating World Consumer Day, under the theme: ‘Building a...

Concrete roads, the concrete solution

By Chigumbu Warikandwa Zimbabwe has lost thousands of breadwinners on its highways leaving orphans whose path of life will be left to the hands of fate. Together with poor driving, the poor state of the roads is a cause for...

Tsvangirai is a master of empty promises

By Tafara Shumba The Newsday recently had an interesting story that exposes the MDC-T leader’s insincerity. “Tsvangirai in court over 2013 poll coalition.”  Interesting, isn’t it? For the benefit of those who were skipped by the...

President Mugabe keeps his word

By Tafara Shumba Among the myriad of rare attributes that President Mugabe was divinely endowed with, is honesty. He is one politician who has managed to perfectly defy the deep seated stereotypes generally associated with the...

President Mugabe’s 1980 independence speech

president mugabe speech indep.jpgOn April 1, 1980, a new nation was born in the name of Zimbabwe. The country and its people had just come out of a protracted war of liberation in which thousands of fighters and civilians died. Hundreds of Zimbabwean nationalists were incarcerated; some died in prison while others lived to see independence. In spite of all this, then Prime Minister Robert Mugabe offered a hand of reconciliation to the country’s former oppressors.

The rise of the girl child

girl child zimbabwe.jpgBy Vannesa Yashmin Chingeya and Tendai Edwin Foto


Once upon a time, the girl child was viewed as a tool around the house.  She was meant to stay at home, do the dishes, clean the house, fetch fire wood, till the lands, and get married at the age of 14 or 15 years.

Letter to Zimbabwe’s Judas Iscariots

chekayi albert pic.jpgBy Albert Chekayi.


My Beloved,


I write this letter to you my beloved. Your relationship with me has always been stormy. Probably likened to that of Prophet Hosea and his unfaithful wife Gomer. I have loved you since I was six. Now I am an adult. From my youth till now, betrayal from you has been my yearly bread. On my side, I have remained faithful. I know, like in any relationship, you might not really understand me. I have also tried to understand you.

Pastor Chris got it all wrong

chris oya.jpgBy Herbert Dube


The shocking revelation by the man of God and world acclaimed Christ Embassy founder, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, that masturbation is not a sin against God left me wondering what this world is turning into.

Another wrong turn for Zim cricket?

magoso effort pic.jpgBy Effort Magoso


Zimbabwe cricket team’s tour of New Zealand, an island country southwest of the Pacific Ocean, has come and gone but not without leaving a nauseating feeling on every devoted local cricket fan.

Economic Report: February 2012

cash notes.jpgBy Christopher Takunda Mugaga


After years of economic sanctions by the international community and a decade-long war that resulted in more than 30 000 dead, the white minority government of Southern Rhodesia concluded a series of agreements with the black majority in 1979 that resulted in the establishment of the government of the Republic of Zimbabwe. Among the greatest challenges facing the new government was the demand by the majority for greater equity in land redistribution. At independence, the white minority who made up less than 5% of the population owned the vast majority of the arable land.

Not all that dark for Warriors

thembinkosi.jpgBy Thembinkosi Mangena


The moment I saw a banner written ‘ZIFA suspends 82 players,’ I nodded with satisfaction that ZIFA is at last showing its commitment to get rid of corruption and unprofessionalism in the most beautiful game.


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