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Kurdish forces repel Isis militants

Syria’s main Kurdish forces say they have successfully cleared areas east of the Euphrates river of Islamic state militants, with help from the US-led coalition and Russian forces. The announcement after US defence secretary James Mattis said Washington will stop arming the forces as offensive operations come to an end. Noureddine Mahmoud, spokesperson for the people’s defense units, and the backbone of the US-backed Syrian democratic forces, praised US and Russian air and logistical support as well as ground operations coordination.  He said his forces are ready to form joint operation rooms with the different partners to complete the...

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Boko Haram founder’s home turned into museum

Reports from Abuja say the home of the founder of Nigeria’s Islamism militant group Boko Haram is to be turned into a museum in the hope it will boost tourism in the area. Borno State is also considering plans to transform the Sambisa forest, which is the group’s base, into a tourist centre, but critics say the plans risk immortalising founder Mohammed Yusuf. Human rights lawyer Anthony Agholahon said authorities should look for a place like the police college, which the group destroyed, not to use the house of someone who killed people. About 20 000 people have been...

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Irish goalkeeper makes first team debut at 14

Irish premiership club Glenavon Football Club has promoted a 14-year old goalkeeper to their first team. Conner Byrne made his debut for the Lurgan team as they triumphed against derby rivals Portadown on Monday night to reach the Mid-Ulster Cup final. The teenager has also been selected for the Northern Ireland Under-16 squad against Poland this week. The head of Glenavon’s Academy Ryan Prentice said he was delighted the teenage shot-stopper had been picked by first team manager Gary Hamilton. Prentice believes the youngster is more than capable of handling the physical demands of the modern game. The youngster...

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North Korea fires highest-ever ballistic missile

United States Secretary of Defence James Mattis says North Korea has fired its highest-ever intercontinental ballistic missile and poses a worldwide threat. The missile, launched early today landed in Japanese waters. It reached an altitude of 4 500 kilometres and flew 960 kilometres, according to South Korea’s military. It was the latest in a series of weapons tests that has raised tensions. Pyongyang last launched a ballistic missile in September. It also conducted its sixth nuclear test that month. North Korea has continued to develop its nuclear and missile programme despite global condemnation and sanctions. The United Nations Security...

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Kenyatta inauguration: Security tightened

Security has been stepped up in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, ahead of the inauguration of President Uhuru Kenyatta for a second term in office. People in festive mood have been pouring into a stadium where more than 20 heads of state or senior ministers are expected to attend. Opposition leader Raila Odinga mocked Mr Kenyatta’s “coronation”, saying he had not been elected legitimately. He boycotted the re-run of the presidential poll last month. Just under 39 percent of voters turned out on 26 October and Mr Kenyatta officially won with 98 percent of the vote. The original election on...

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