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15 killed, 45 injured in Mogadishu

car bomb.jpgClashes between Somali government troops and Al-Shabab fighters have left 15 people dead and at least 45 civilians injured.


Al-Shabab fighters who aim to topple the president of Somalia, who is backed by African Union troops, have launched a new offensive to take Mogadishu.


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Xenophobic attacks quelled in SA

xeno 2.jpgThe South African government has managed to contain possible xenophobic attacks through the deployment of police officers in most parts of the country and the introduction of stiffer sentences for perpetrators of violence.

Zimbabwean travellers who spoke to ZBC News at the Beit-bridge border post said they only left South Africa after they heard threats that foreigners would be attacked after the World Cup tournament.


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BP stops Gulf of Mexico oil flow

bp oil.jpgOil is no longer spewing into the Gulf of Mexico, at least temporarily, as BP said it choked off the flow from its undersea well that ruptured in April and caused the worst offshore oil spill in United States history.


It is the first time the flow has stopped since an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig on 20 April.

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Museveni pledges to hunt down bombers

yoweri museveni.jpgUgandan President, Yoweri Museveni has said African troops in Somalia should be boosted to 20 000 to “eliminate” those behind the Kampala blasts which killed more than 70 people.



“We can join to build up the strength of that force to 20 000 so that working with the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia we can eliminate the terrorists,” he told reporters in the western town of Ntungamo.

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