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Mpilo hit by radiologists’ shortage

Shortage of radiologists is affecting the cancer screening exercise at Mpilo Central Hospital as the community is forced to engage private radiologists to interpret the results of the images taken at the institution.       In September this year, the southern region got a massive boost when it was presented with a mammogram machine by the National Aids Council (NAC) for early screening of breast cancer among women for free as the institution moves in to deal with non-commutable diseases in its fight against the AIDS pandemic. While the move provided relief to most women who had to seek such services in Harare, NAC Bulawayo provincial manager Mrs Finatre Nyathi confirmed that the shortage of radiologists at Mpilo Hospital is threatening the potential of the noble programme. She, however, said they got confirmation from government that such specialists will be recruited by January next year. It costs between US$50 and US$60 for one to engage a private radiologist, a figure beyond many who are unemployed but in need of such services.                         ...

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Major boost for children living with albinism

Constant medical check-ups and provision of protective clothing are essential for people living with albinism. Most of them however cannot afford these necessities and this puts them in a difficult predicament. Children living with albinism at the Capota school for the blind in Masvingo are however getting free medical check-ups on a yearly basis from a specialist dermatologist who visits the school. Individuals living with albinism are susceptible to skin diseases and cancer resulting from exposure to the sun.  Wearing protective clothing and using sun screen lotions assists to reduce the chances of getting the skin diseases, but most...

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‘Health sector needs effective regulation’

A call has been made for the government to support the establishment of a strong and effective regulatory authority in the health sector that ensure minimum standards are met which guarantees public safety. The Health Professions Authority of Zimbabwe has bemoaned sprouting of unregistered health training institutions and malpractice by health professionals which they said is affecting the country’s health sector. Speaking at the authority’s annual congress in the capital, Dr Adolf Macheka said there is need for a strong regulatory authority well equipped to ensure standards are met in the health sector. United Nations Children’s Fund chief of health Dr Nejmudin Bilal says Zimbabwe’s health sector is doing well in improving access to services, but there is need for a multi-stakeholder approach in ensuring health institutions are well-regulated. Health professionals also raised the issue of low salaries as one of the factors contributing to high disciplinary cases and pledged to continue advocating for better working conditions, career development initiatives and employment...

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Mat North records 20% decline in mass drug admin

Matabeleland North Province has recorded a 25 percent decline on the 6th mass drug administration outreach for neglected tropical diseases compared to the programme conducted last year. Coverage in the six districts under this programme dropped from 80 percent recorded last year to 55 percent this year, a figure which is 20 percent below the World Health Organisation target of 75 percent. The mass drug administration for neglected tropical diseases recorded the highest coverage of 78 percent in Bubi while Binga recorded the lowest coverage of 51 percent.  The teams also faced resistance in Binga where 61 parents refused...

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Govt implored to capacitate medical training institutions

Medical rehabilitation practitioners have called upon the government to capacitate medical training institutions in order to guarantee quality rehabilitation services in the country. The Medical Rehabilitation Council (MRC) has called upon responsible authorities to create and promote an environment that enables practitioners to adequately offer their services. Speaking at the association’s annual general meeting in the capital, chairperson of the Medical Rehabilitation Practitioners Council of Zimbabwe, Unity Chitapi said there is need for more training institutions and employment opportunities to ensure quality service delivery. Chairperson of the Health Services Board Dr Lovemore Mbengeranwa said despite existing economic challenges they...

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