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Brazilians hail Zim wildlife

elephants.jpgProminent Brazilian hunters who are in the country for various expeditions say there is need for tourism marketing authorities to launch an aggressive publicity campaign in emerging source markets such as Brazil.


The four member delegation from Brazil which is in the country for a hunting and sight seeing says the country has a potential to regain its status as the hub of wildlife-based tourism as it is richly endowed with wild animals.


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BP oil spill to affect global environment

bp spill.jpgFollowing the discovery of some previously unknown species of batfish in the Gulf of Mexico as a result of the BP oil spill, environmentalists believe the ecological disaster has far reaching long term effects on the global environment.

Researchers identified new species of pancake batfishes living right in the area affected by the BP Oil spill which has been rated the worst oil spill disaster in history, causing 5 000 barrels of oil to leak a day into the sea for the last three months.


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UAE Ambassador to SA in the country


emmirates ambassador.jpgUnited Arab Emirates Ambassador to South Africa Ismaeel Obaid Al Ali who is on a 3 day visit to Zimbabwe says his country is seeking ways of partnering Zimbabwe in the tourism sector with the intention of increasing the number of visitors from that country to Zimbabwe.

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