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Revisit agric regions – gvt told

climate-change.jpgClimate change experts have urged government to revisit the five agricultural regions in the country so that they match the changes in climate that are currently being experienced to enable agricultural experts to give proper and relevant advice to farmers.


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Firewood vendors on the increase

women_and_firewood.jpgOwing to persistent long hours of load shedding in many suburbs in Harare, firewood vendors in Lusaka, Highfield, are making brisk business from selling firewood, though they have to play hide and seek with law enforcement agents.


Every morning the streets of Lusaka, Highfield are littered with women, men and children who have taken selling firewood as a full time job.


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Establish environment courts: Environmentalists

homeburning1_.jpgEnvironmentalists have called for the establishment of environment courts so that environmental crimes such as starting of veldt fires, deforestation and wetlands cultivation may be effectively dealt with.

The call comes in the wake of the slow rate at which environmental crimes are being handled by the courts.

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