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Prince Edward art exhibition kicks-off

Prince Edward School hosted its annual art exhibition this Tuesday with students from Form One to Upper Six having an opportunity to showcase their talent and skill with images that portray art as a conduit for national identity. This year’s exhibition opened its doors this Tuesday evening, showcasing 300 colourful art works by Form One to Upper Six art students portraying the images of the Zimbabwean nation. Of particular interest is the world’s majestic view, the Victoria Falls where student artists went for an art camp where they sketched and painted the falls, the rain-forests and a few animals. Guest of honour at the event Ms Antonella Bargione highlighted the need for artists to take advantage of the internet in showcasing their art works to the outside world. The Prince Edward art exhibition is an annual event that seeks to inspire art students to earn a living through art with this year’s theme being: ‘National...

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African vase – a rare form of art

In order for one to come up with an African vase, one needs to acquire a certain mastery of fine art. This is evident in some pieces of works by some Harare men who ply their trade along Herbert Chitepo Avenue in Harare. As one passes in Harare along Herbert Chitepo Avenue, one is bound to be attracted by some huge and beautiful African vases. As you approach the vases, two men Luckmore Drau and Tichaona Dick will be in the process of putting some final touches to these beautiful artifacts. By simply using a thread, khakhi papers, cardboard...

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Radio Zim road shows proving to be popular

Youths who took part in belated Day of the African Child commemorations in Mufakose organised by ZBC’s Radio Zimbabwe say the station is providing a platform for them to access key information on their rights through its programming. The media has a role to educate, inform as well as entertain and Radio Zimbabwe certainly got the thumps up from the attendees who said the station is giving them key information regards their rights and other aspects related to their well being. Radio Zimbabwe’s partners, Plan International and Justice for Children Trust said they joined the ZBC station given its wide reach hence their message of ensuring that the rights of children are recognised will be heard by all Zimbabweans. Radio Zimbabwe station manager, Mr Albert Chekayi said the station is geared to providing a mix of programmes catering for all Zimbabweans and that the initiative is part of efforts to ensure that children are afforded opportunities they deserve. Radio Zimbabwe road shows have proven to be a hit with many Zimbabweans and the crowds had the opportunity to mix and mingle with the stations stars such as Richmond Siyakurima, Sifelani Chikwape, Elsie Mojapelo, Thabani Gambiza, Hazvinei Sakarombe and Season Ndundu, Lionel Mkandla among many others....

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17 year old poet produces anthology

A 17 year old dub poet has come up with an anthology which interrogates various social issues among them child abuse. Poets just like musical artists write poems drawn from life experiences and for Norton based Patronella Matangira her poems are about her personal life experiences. In her poem, “Victim’s Defined Destiny” Patronella talks about how parents ignore their children’s dreams and instead determine their destiny. Patronella has also done Shona poems as exhibited by the sonnet “Makanditongera Rufu” where she laments the abuse she went through. To Patronella her poetry life journey has just begun and the sky can only be the...

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Hevoi FM facing challenges

Masvingo’s first commercial radio station Hevoi FM, which started live broadcasting on the 1st of this month has told the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Information, Media and Broadcasting Services that it is facing a number of challenges that are affecting its delivery. Hevoi FM is currently broadcasting from Masvingo, to a 40 km radius audience. AB Communications chief executive officer, Mrs Susan Makore told the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Information, Media and Broadcasting Services that they are encountering challenges in finding presenters with good presentation skills. She also highlighted that the 40 km radius restriction in terms of coverage, is  proving to be a challenge in attracting advertisers as companies prefer to advertise to a wider reach of audiences. “We had to get our personnel locally. The issue of skilled labour is proving to be a challenge. The skills base is very thin,” said Mrs Makore. Members of the parliamentary committee however questioned if the station is not getting greedy by wanting to spread their coverage to more areas with the view of securing more adverts and advised them to find ways of exhausting their current target market. The chairperson of the committee, Mr William Dewa added they are concerned that most of the recently licensed commercial radio stations are not fully operational and still have not acquired all their requisite broadcasting equipment. “We are touring the stations to...

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