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Mangoma remains in custody

handcuffs.jpgEnergy and Power Development Minister, Mr. Elton Mangoma failed to appear in court this Tuesday with prison officials citing transport challenges due to the unavailability of fuel at Harare Central Remand Prison.


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Mangoma bail hearing this Tuesday

high court building.jpgEnergy and Power Development Minister, Mr. Elton Mangoma who was re-arrested last week facing charges of criminal abuse of office will have to spend another night in jail after the High Court postponed his bail hearing.


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Mangoma arrested on fresh charges

elton-mangoma.jpgEnergy and Power Development Minister, Mr. Elton Mangoma has been re-arrested on fresh allegations of criminal abuse of duty as a public officer by showing disfavour to companies which participated in a ZESA Holdings tender for procuring prepayment revenue management systems and meters.

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Mangoma granted bail

court.jpgEnergy and Power Development Minister, Mr Elton Mangoma who was arrested for abuse of office has been granted US$5 000 bail by the High Court, an issue which legal experts say flies on the face of Prime Minister Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai who was recently quoted undermining the judiciary as he claimed that the bench was biased. 


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