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Financial sector mulls long term loans

mushayavanhu bankers ass 03.08.10.jpgThe financial sector is considering introducing long term loans depending on the availability of funds in the market.


In line with policies to solve borrowing challenges affecting industry and consumers, local banks are in consultations as to how they can extend the current loan repayment duration from90 days to 360 days.

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CZI concerned about lifting of ban


czi logo.jpgConfederation of  Zimbabwe Industries is concerned about the proposed lifting of a ban on the export of scrap metal arguing that it is against economic growth policies crafted under the Short Term Emergency Recovery Programme, STERP.

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COMESA ease goods importation

cross border traders.jpgCross-border traders have been challenged to exploit the recently launched COMESA Simplified Trade Regime (STR), which is aimed at facilitating easy import and export of goods by removing duty on specified goods worth five hundred per consignment.


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Zim exports increase

reservebank.jpgThe country has witnessed a positive export performance in the first half of the year after recording about 83 percent increase in total exports, a statement from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe RBZ has revealed.

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Industry concerned over MTP delay

industry.jpgCaptains of industry and commerce have expressed concern over delays in the implementation of the Medium Term Plan (MTP) which is expected to provide a platform towards consolidating economic gains.


Government is being called upon by the business community to speed up the implementation of the Medium Term Plan which is expected to succeed the Short Term Emergency Recovery Programme (STERP).


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