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Street vending transforms lives

vendors.jpgWhile vending was used to be looked down upon by may some of the pioneers if this type of economic activity are proud that their lives have been transformed for the better through engaging in this kind of business.

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ZITF 2010 described a success


zitf2.jpgPolitical leaders have been called upon to use forums such as the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair, ZITF, to iron out their differences so as to ensure progress in the country’s economy.

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Gvt to boost revenue base:Biti

biti tendai.jpgFinance Minister Tendai Biti says government is looking at measures of boosting it’s revenue base as currently 70 percent of its monthly revenue amounting to 930 million is being gobbled through the civil service salary bill.


The country’s economy has been performing as expected with weak inflation figures and an increase in capacity utilization from last year’s 30 percent to slightly above 40 percent this year.

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