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Super Eagles profile:2010 W.C Countdown


super-eagles.jpgAs the countdown to the FIFA World Cup continues, it’s now 23 days before the world biggest soccer showpiece begins in South Africa. In our World Cup team profile today we feature West African powerhouses Nigeria.

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7,5kg Bible unveiled


bible.jpgGoing to church is what many Christians do, but whether they will indeed enter heaven is something else. If the earthly challenges Christians meet everyday can bar them from going to heaven, what more with the burden of a 7.5 kg bible.

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Zim yet to benefit on diamonds sales

diamonds1.jpgAlmost five years after the discovery of diamonds in Zimbabwe, the country is still to realise benefits from the precious stones as a result of persistent efforts by vested interests to its certification to pave way for auctioning of the mineral which has the ability to revive the local economy.

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Get patents for inventions, inventors urged

telephone.jpgIt is interesting that most gadgets or tools used by people in the world have begun as just small ideas and developed to something great. A television set, a computer and the telephone are some inventions by those with great minds now  popularly used worldwide. But how can an invention become ready for commercialisation.


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