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Sweet potatoes have 150 by products – Experts

sweet_potato.jpgsweetfries.jpgIt is called mbambaira in Shona, imbhambhayila in Ndebele and sweet potatoes in English—it is taken as starch in the morning by many people in Zimbabwe’s rural and urban areas alike but many know not of the medicinal properties this has.


In our Science and Technology feature this week we explore the many by-products of sweet potatoes that include stock feed and tea.

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May 25:a day to liberate Africa from imperialism

africanunion.jpgMay 25 is a special day and occupies an indelible space in the history of Africa. It is a day to also pay tribute to sons and daughters of this continent who lost their lives during struggles to free the continent from colonialism, apartheid and other sorts of racial discrimination.

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Let us embrace nanotechnology – Experts

nanotechnology.jpgWhile time has generally been defined through religious events such as BC, Before Christ and AD, After his Death, technology has defined various ages such as stone age, iron age and bronze age.


In our Feature we look at a new form of technology that may define the current era.

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Indomitable Lions Profile:2010 W.C Countdown

in actioncamerron.jpgWith 21 days to go before the World Cup roars into life r in South Africa, in today’s team profile we feature Cameroon, who will be looking to emulate their remarkable run in Italy in 1990 which saw them reaching the quarter finals.

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