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Local company launches SPSS


spss.jpgA local information technology company is taking the extra mile in revolutionizing data and statistics presentation  in both the public and private sector using a software package known as Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS).

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Sporting industry to benefit from technology

software.jpgTechnology is one area which has changed almost all the sectors of society such as the banking industry, education, automotive industry, aviation and even the military.


However few people have taken time to analyze how technology has improved the entertainment industry such as arts and sports.


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Is Friday the 13th really bad?

friday the 13th.jpgToday is Friday the 13th. Are the myths surrounding Friday the 13th true, that it is a day shrouded in bad luck, accidents and sometimes even fatalities?

 Whatever the fact maybe the truth is that many people believe there could be some truth in that the 13th of the month falling on a Friday like today is taboo.


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