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Let’s meet the mountain people

For those in the city, building a homestead in the hill suburbs is a show of financial influence but in the land of the mountains, Manicaland, houses are built on whatever space available. Manicaland is known as ‘Kumakomoyoo’ meaning the land of the mountains. The mountains have presented a picturesque scenery for nature lovers and among the captivating sights are houses perched on mountain tops in areas such as Honde Valley, Chimanimani, Hauna or Nyanga. For many mountain climbing is taken as a hobby and that adventure is not only fitness demanding but one where interaction with the wildlife...

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Chickens live for one’s meal

Sometimes life has its own way best explained by nature. In the cycle of a chicken’s life, the gods have probably been a bit unfair, giving it quick maturity and positioning it as the first choice of option for many meat eaters. The rural set up aptly tells the sad life cycle of a chicken. In its life, there is probably no querying of the attention the chicken receives. Day in and out, those that rear them feed and shelter them jealously. But perhaps the cruelest is the reason why this bird is given all the attention. Interestingly, that...

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Khaliphile Sibanda ventures into rarely explored area

Artists from Bulawayo are slowly coming out of their comfort zone and venturing into rarely explored avenues of music. Such is the case for 22-year-old opera singer, Khaliphile Sibanda. Even the sky is not the limit for Khaliphile, who is known in theatre circles as Khally S. Not only is she an opera singer, but she also ventured into theatre productions and is a choir conductor. The songstress says she began her musical career at a tender age and finally got her big break through in 2004 when she began singing in public. Asked what inspired her musical genre...

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The art of storytelling

The art of storytelling is one competence that manifests in different forms. A Zvishavane man says storytelling to him means using his works to portray the life he grew up in. He is just an ordinary artist seated on a street corner selling his wares. But 43 year old Eddington Phiri’s journey does not just start where his artwork is displayed in the middle of Zvishavane town. “From an early age his parents bought him a stone which he carved into a piece which earned him a bit of some cash,” said Phiri. Among some of the most interesting artworks Phiri has made is a depiction of a mine compound. “Having grown up in this mining area, this is the life i have known and lived,” said the artist who does both sculptor and fine art. The displayed artworks capture many facets of Zimbabwean life, but to Phiri the most important thing is that it is just another way of...

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How to woo customers

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. In a bid to lure more customers male vendors in Harare are employing all their marketing skills that include wearing female clothes just to entice the customer. Venturing into a business requires good marketing skills and good market penetration strategies in order to outclass and withstand competition. Male vendors in Harare who are into selling second hand clothes have devised a method of wearing female clothes in order to woo female customers. According to the male vendors, the strategy which serves as a way of advertising the products has paid dividend as they are able to sell over a US$100 per day. The customers concede the strategy makes the clothes more visible since the market place would be littered with different other wares. Blended with this advertising gimmick is of course the high pitched auctioneering all in the name of...

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