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Tears of a senior citizen in Maglas

The closure of Zimbabwe’s largest asbestos firm Shabanie Mine has created many challenges which can only be told by those within the area. A senior citizen in Shabanie says life has not been rosy following the sudden shutdown and its effect has had downstream problems to the community. She dedicated her youthful years working at the asbestos mine in Maglas, Shabanie which became her home. Today she seats in her single roomed house at the mine compound staring at its concrete walls and with nothing to show for all her years of effort. Born on September 6, 1920 Gogo...

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Irrigation the future of agriculture in Zim

Zimbabwe like any other country in the Sub-Saharan region is not spared from periodical droughts in the face of climate change and global warming since the turn of the 21st century. The country is obliged to feed its population of over 13 million people. Many people would ask so what will the nation do to ensure food security to the entire population? The answer lies in the bold step taken by government to revisit the importance of agriculture and ensure that every one has enough food to eat. Government has committed an annual budget of US$5 million towards the...

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2 weeks to Heroes Day commemorations

On the 14th of August, Zimbabwe commemorates Heroes Day as the nation reflects on the role played by illustrious sons and daughters of the country who fought in the liberation struggle. The day comes as President Robert Mugabe recently called for the declaration of national hero status on the seven gallant fighters of the famous Chinhoyi Battle. On April 28, 1966, seven freedom fighters who had entered the country from Zambia were intercepted by Rhodesian Forces in Chinhoyi and a battle erupted. After bravely wadding off Rhodesian Forces for almost 10 hours, the seven comrades later succumbed to Rhodesia’s...

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Let’s meet the mountain people

For those in the city, building a homestead in the hill suburbs is a show of financial influence but in the land of the mountains, Manicaland, houses are built on whatever space available. Manicaland is known as ‘Kumakomoyoo’ meaning the land of the mountains. The mountains have presented a picturesque scenery for nature lovers and among the captivating sights are houses perched on mountain tops in areas such as Honde Valley, Chimanimani, Hauna or Nyanga. For many mountain climbing is taken as a hobby and that adventure is not only fitness demanding but one where interaction with the wildlife...

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Chickens live for one’s meal

Sometimes life has its own way best explained by nature. In the cycle of a chicken’s life, the gods have probably been a bit unfair, giving it quick maturity and positioning it as the first choice of option for many meat eaters. The rural set up aptly tells the sad life cycle of a chicken. In its life, there is probably no querying of the attention the chicken receives. Day in and out, those that rear them feed and shelter them jealously. But perhaps the cruelest is the reason why this bird is given all the attention. Interestingly, that...

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