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Cotton output increase a welcome move

By Tatenda Gono As much as we do not give it much thought, the use of cotton in our daily lives is of much than what comes to mind. Cotton is the most used fiber in the world significance, from clothing to household items and...

President Mugabe keeps his word

By Tafara Shumba Among the myriad of rare attributes that President Mugabe was divinely endowed with, is honesty. He is one politician who has managed to perfectly defy the deep seated stereotypes generally associated with the...

Epworth’s cycling hero

The bicycle is an important mode of transport that is used in both developed and underdeveloped nations. Some use it as a tool for exercising. But for Jeremiah Kachembere who has modified his bicycle, it’s now a source of...

The role of music during the struggle

kasongo band.jpgIn the road to Zimbabwe’s independence, music played an essential role of unifying the freedom fighters and the masses at the same time raising their morale through messages that defined the purpose of the armed struggle.

All roads lead to independence

dead cadres4.jpgThe desire to be free from colonial bondage which swept across Zimbabwe and Africa in the 1960s and 70s saw both the young and old taking up arms to fight the racist system in a revolution that spread over the whole Southern African region.

Epilepsy – a case of mental disorder


faithful.jpgBy Faithful Mazodza


Epilepsy is a disorder of the central nervous system, specifically the brain.


In simple terms, our nervous system is a communications network that controls every thought, emotion, impression, memory, and movement, essentially defining who we are.


No woman should die giving birth!

dscn9479.jpgBy Oleen Ndori


‘Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you’. This is one of the many clichés used in courtship. But when it comes to motherhood and child-bearing the sweet words of affection and love often shrivel away killing the marriage and leaving the woman emotionally lonely and frightened.



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