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The origins of Bulawayo

Many have misunderstood the origins and meaning of Zimbabwe’s second capital Bulawayo. Bulawayo, the country’s second largest city, was established in 1870 by King Lobengula after his installation. As was the tradition in the Ndebele kingdom, a new king had to establish his own royal palace and town. History has it that when King Lobengula left King Mzilikazi’s capital Mhlahlandlela he established Gibixhegu which was to go on and change the name to Bulawayo two years later. While some have misrepresented facts by christened Bulawayo, the place of killing, those who know the history say the reality of the...

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Mazvihwa curse haunts Runde river

Any change in the environment has had explanation in the scientific world, but for a people who have held onto their traditional values and beliefs there is a curse pronounced generations ago which has haunted Runde river to the present day. Sometimes the river cannot adequately provide water to the people as it used to years ago. The rate of siltation also continues to grow as years roll by. A custodian of the Mazvihwa chieftaincy traditional courts, Sekuru Collins Muzaduri who is of the Musaigwa totem said it all began long back over a chieftainship wrangle. In that moment of anger when the Mazvihwa people were driven across the river by their nephews of the Chibi chieftaincy, in retaliation they pronounced curses which have seen the river periodically dry up and continue silting. Sekuru Muzaduri is convinced unless the generation that angered their uncles pays retribution, the present ones will continue paying the price of a once great source of water which continues drying up. Nature does have its own way of responding to oracles of tradition, maybe as the Mazvihwa’s would argue, but if the curse is certainly genuine, it is a cruel visitation of generational mistakes upon those who were not part of the battle which then separated the two chieftainships. Over the years this river has silted and there have been many geographic and environmental explanations...

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Meet the Marondera successful polygamist

Having 60 children from 12 wives is a feat many would find too big to achieve but not for Marondera businessman Luke Masamvu who is one of the most successful polygamists. To some he is known as one of the biggest retail businessperson in Marondera, Manicaland and Bindura. To some he is a church elder while to some he is a politician being the member of parliament for Mutasa North and a Zanu PF Central Committee member. However behind the many faces of Masamvu, he is a father, not just a father but a super dad. ZBC sought to find out more about Masamvu the father. With 20 children at primary school, 28 at secondary school, 10 at various universities and at least 5 graduates, the family is quite big without adding 18 grandchildren from five adult offsprings who have since married. The question which then arises is how does the super dad manage such a big family when others have struggled with only two or three children to look after? The Johane Marange Apostolic sect member recently celebrated his 60th birthday attended by close family members, friends and business associates at his Winston Park home in Marondera. ZBC News had a rare chance to get an insight into the family whose way of living is a mystery to neighbours and the community at large. Mrs Masamvu who spoke...

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A moment with a Nyau group

Human culture is built on traditional beliefs, religion and myths. Zimbabwe is home to a rich cultural and religious diversity and one culture of interest is the Gure or Nyau. The secret Nyau society or spiritual cult, is part of the traditional Chewa people of Central and Southern Africa. The group is however viewed with suspicion by many who associate the culture with witchcraft and ritual fear. The Nyau dance is popular in Zimbabwe’s farming and mining communities as well as Harare’s high density suburbs such as Dzivarasekwa and St Mary’s in Chitungwiza. Usually performed at functions like funerals,...

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Vic Falls: The legendary waterfall!

Thousands of tourists from around the globe continue to trek the majestic Victoria Falls with a sole mission to view the legendary waterfall which was declared the World Heritage Site in 1989. From the time the kololo tribe set their eyes on the natural wonder centuries ago to David Livingstone’s encounter of the waterfall, the Mosi-oa-Tunya continues to give visitors the adrenalin rush experience. In trying to capture the beauty of the spectacular waterfall, Scottish missionary David Livingstone made the famous statement, “scenes so lovely that they must have been gazed on by angels in their flight”. It was...

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