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GMB saga takes new twist

maize loading.jpgThe US$1.6 million saga involving government and GMB has taken a new twist. 


Acting Finance Minister, Elton Mangoma confirmed that the funds meant to buy maize were indeed released, while the national grain reserve is insisting that it is yet to receive the money.   

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Hold on to crop: Made

made.jpgThe Minister of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development, Dr. Joseph Made says cotton farmers should continue picking their cotton and can hold on to it if the prices remain low.


He said government is yet to conclude the new pricing framework that will be viable to enable the farmer to go back to the land. 


Dr. Made, who was briefing the media on the progress made so far on negotiations to review the cotton price, encouraged farmers not to lose hope as cabinet is working flat out to ensure that they get a fair share for the white gold.


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Pricing of subsidised inputs questioned


fertilizer.jpgFormer Zimbabwe Farmers Union Vice President, Cde Edward Raradza has questioned the pricing framework of subsidised inputs noting the inconsistent fertilizer prices which appear to have been tailor-made to benefiting a few individuals at the expense of real farmers.

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Hessian scarcity triggers outrage

tobacco hassien.jpgThe continuous critical shortage of Hessian material on the official market has triggered outrage from farmers who are now calling for an immediate intervention to save the situation, as tobacco cannot remain in bans for a long time after harvest.


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