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SI 64 spurs investment in fertiliser industry

Statutory instrument 64 (SI 64) of 2016 has positively impacted the fertiliser manufacturing industry which has attracted increased investment since 2016 with four players expanding their production plants. The sector’s production capacity has risen to 40 percent from 25 percent in 2017 while new players have come on board. Fertiliser industry spokesperson, Mr Tapuwa Mashingaidze told the ZBC News in the past year there has been additional investment in blending plants which signaled long term commitment to participating in the industry. There have been quite a few, not necessarily very new players but additional investment in especially blending plants....

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‘Expedite Command Livestock implementation’

Stakeholders from the country’s dry regions are calling on government to speed up the implementation of the proposed command livestock programme which has brought a wave of economic excitement as farmers look forward to start reaping the benefits. The proposed command livestock farming has created hope that the country’s national herd is set to grow and farmers are already eagerly waiting its implementation. Livestock farming is the main source of livelihood for many in Matabeleland North and South together with some parts of Midlands and Masvingo provinces. Speaking to the ZBC News Chief Shana of Jambezi says enthusiasm has...

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ZB targets US$10m agric support

Funding for the coming agricultural season will receive a boost of US$10 million expected to be raised through agro-bills by ZB Financial Holdings. ZB is further strengthening its support for the agricultural sector and the funding will be used to access inputs and critical infrastructure. Group Chief Executive Mr Ron Mutandagayi says such investment is meant to ensure improved agricultural production in line with the vision towards becoming food self-sufficient and stimulating economic growth. Zimbabwe recorded a bumper maize harvest this year and expectations are that production will improve in the forthcoming season. The agriculture sector has received intensive...

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Water harvesting to reduce water scarcity

The government is working on a national programme to promote the concept of roof top water harvesting to reduce the huge run-off experienced during the rainy seasons while easing demand for water from the traditional water sources. Gaps in water harvesting techniques particularly in urban areas have resulted in significant run-off of valuable water which if properly utilised could ease the current demand for the precious liquid. The government is now exploring alternative sources to improve the availability and management of water for domestic consumption both in urban and rural areas. This is also viewed as a long term...

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Burst pipes affect Byo Kraal Irrigation Scheme

The maize seed that was planted on a 100 hectare piece of land at Bulawayo Kraal Irrigation Scheme in Binga is now at various stages of growth although there is still a challenge of burst pipes to allow smooth flow of water to the scheme. Bulawayo Kraal Irrigation Scheme is now operational following the intervention by the First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe who secured an investor. The maize seed was dry planted due to challenges of burst pipes which delayed the supply of water from the Zambezi River to the scheme. Although the crop is in good condition, the...

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