Zimbabwe has seen the emergence of uncontrollable cartels in various sectors of the economy which are stifling competition and exerting undue influence in how the economy is run.

The spate of unwarranted price increases and exchange rate movements has largely been blamed on third forces in the form of cartels which are colluding to manipulate the direction of the economy for selfish gains.

A trade analyst, Mr Tinashe Kaduwo said these cartels have vast interests in almost every sector of the economy with countless listings on the stock market.

An economist, Mr Persistence Gwanyanya said the growth of these large companies which almost have undeterred influence over the economy is largely due to the ineffectiveness of the Competition and Tariffs Commission which is mandated to regulate the acquisitions and promote competition.

The competition Act is thus expected to promote competition and enforce laws to mitigate the negative force of cartels to economic progress and consumer welfare.