car spinning26.jpgCar spinning is a relatively new phenomenon in Zimbabwe, but the sport moves to a higher level this weekend when local spinners take on South Africa in a Burn Out competition at Borrowdale Race Course.

Burn Out is an extreme car sport where the aim of the driver is to wow spectators with his ability to manoeuvre his vehicle in a small space at high speed while spinning his rear tyres against the tarmac until they pop.

Heat caused by the inability of the tyres to gain traction with the road, and instead suffer extreme friction causes a lot of squealing, smoke and burnt rubber.

The high adrenalin activity is very popular in South Africa and spinners from down south will this weekend square off with Zimbabwe spinners in a burn out competition.

Two local spinners – Curtis Smith and Taku Chingwena – are relishing the prospect of taking on the South Africans who have a wealth of experience and are tried and tested performers in the sport.

“Although the South Africans having been doing the sport for many years, we want to show them that the sport has reached new heights in Zimbabwe,” said Smith.

Taku Chingwena said:  “We’re ready for the challenge against South Africa. They’re great performers but I’m sure we’ll match them.”

The Burn Out competition pitting Zimbabwe and South Africa spinners will be held at Borrowdale Race Course this coming Saturday and will be key in assessing the ability of local spinners to compete against top class opposition as the sport moves to a new dimension on the domestic front.