At least 18 people were killed and 145 others injured in a deadly blast that ripped through a neighbourhood in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul on Wednesday.

The blast occurred at around 09:00 local time (07:30 GMT) after a militant rammed his explosive-laden vehicle into the front gate of district police station in Police District 6.

Dozens of houses, shops and buildings were badly damaged due to the massive explosion.

The casualties were confirmed by the country’s Deputy to Interior Ministry, General Khoshal Sadat at a press conference, but eyewitnesses and unofficial sources believe that the casualties are higher than reported.

The officials blamed the ‘Enemies Of Afghanistan’ for the attack, adding that security forces would continue to target these enemies elsewhere in the country.

“I was in my house when I heard the blasts. Then all the glass shattered, and smoke and dust started rising outside,” said an unnamed eyewitness.

The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack.