capleton 3.jpgPopular Jamaican reggae icon, Capleton (born Clifton George Bailey III), touched down at the Harare International Airport amid chaos as the security failed to contain the over excited dancehall fans who wanted to have a glimpse of the artist.


Clad in Rastafarian regalia, Capleton arrived with his popular 13-member Prophecy Band in what is dubbed the “Greatest Show ever” in the country.

Scores of reggae fans and the Rastafarian community arrived at the airport as early as 11am aboard buses provided by Red Rose Entertainment, and the Rastafarian community had the opportunity to chant tunes as they waited for Capleton to come out.  

Capleton, also known as King Shango, King David, The Fireman and The Prophet, is expected to thrill dancehall fans on the 31th of December at Glamis Arena and the Aquatic Complex on the 1st of January.

caplaz crowd 6.jpgKing Shango is among Jamaican icons to visit the country this year.

The year 2010 alone saw Sizzla Kalonji, Beenie Man, Luciano, Maxi Priest, Sean Paul, T.O.K and King Sounds coming to Zimbabwe in a historic movement of Jamaican artists trooping down here.