A mysterious fire has gutted household property in Mkoba 12, Gweru after an attempt to smoke out a cape file snake known as ‘ndara’ in Shona.

Narrating her ordeal, distraught Teckler Totamu said she saw the cape file snake slithering in her yard as she swept outside in the morning.

When neighbours and her husband came to her rescue the serpent had bolted into a nearby banana plant prompting people to set the plant on fire in the hope of smoking out the serpent.

However while they were still trying to find the snake a thick smoke was noticed coming out of one of the rooms.

Baffled by the unfolding events, people abandoned the search for the snake and rushed to the house in a bid to stop the blaze from spreading to other rooms.

Speaking to ZBC News, Ms Totamu who was still in a state of shock narrated how the drama unfolded.

Midlands fire sub officer responsible for operations Mr Ephraim Manzera said so far they have failed to ascertain the cause of the fire.

The fire destroyed a wardrobe, clothes, academic certificates and identification particulars.