lung cancer 16-04-11.jpgA local organisation involved in raising awareness about breast cancersays there is need for government and its partners to inject financial resources into the diagnosis and treatment of the disease, which has become one of the leading killers among women.

Cancer Alleviation in Zimbabwe says while there has been so much support for HIV and AIDS programmes, one of the leading killer diseases amongst women, cancer, has not been given the attention it deserves.

Speaking after receiving an electric generator from the Australian Embassy, the founder of the Cancer Alleviation in Zimbabwe, Dr Willis Mandere called for the channeling of more resources towards diagnosis, treatment care and support of patients.

“The treatment of the disease is too expensive and out of reach for the ordinary Zimbabwean, hence the need for government to chip in with subsidies,” Dr Mandere said.

A representative of the Australian Embassy said the work and efforts of the organisation in raising awareness on breast cancer issues had moved them to donate the electric generator for use in outreach programmes.

Breast cancer survivor, Sister Teresina Chitime, who gave a touching testimony of her ordeal, urged all women to undergo medical examinations regularly as breast cancer is life threatening.

Cancer is a group of diseases characterised by a disorder of abnormal growth of cells, and in Zimbabwe, cases are normally diagnosed late and treatment is less effective despite being exorbitant.