A fashion show designed to raise awareness and funds for cancer patients was held in Bulawayo with an ardent call for combined efforts raised, if success is to be achieved in combating the disease.

Top designers gathered for a worthy cause to raise funds to assist in the upkeep of cancer patients.

Event guest of honour United Refineries chief executive officer, Mr Busisa Moyo called upon fellow industrialists to play their part in the fight against cancer.

Proceeds from the fashion show were handed to Kidzcan with the executive director, Dr Ntombi Muchuchuti making a passionate plea on the need to set up tight control measures against cancer causing hazards in the environment.

While the disease is known for its severe effects a young lady has defied the odds to paint a success story of an unrelenting fighter.

Amputee Michelle Wadzanai has proved not even the disease can stop her from achieving her dreams after she came out with 10 ‘A’s at ordinary level examinations last year.

Cancer has become the highest killer disease ahead of the manageable HIV/AIDS highlighting the need for combined efforts in the fight against the scourge.