The Zimbabwean delegation which toured Nyadzonia, Chimoio and Nyangau Shrines expressed concern over poor facilities at shrines and has implored government and other progressive citizens to mobilise material and financial resources and establish descend structures that dignify gallant sons and daughters.

The tour to the shrines by the Zimbabwean delegation was an eye opener, which left many convinced that the state of shrines in Mozambique fall far short to the role played by departed gallant sons and daughters and should therefore be uplifted.

At Chimoio Shrine, there is no water and decent ablution facilities and the perimeter fence has since been vandalised.

At Nyadzonia and Nyangau no meaningful structures have been put up befitting the significance of the sites.

The revelations have brought a consensus that more needs to be done to bring the three national shrines in Mozambique to standards which befit the importance of the shrines.

“There is need to put facilities that dignifies the place and every citizen should play a role in appreciating the freedom which came at a cost,” notes Mr Needmore Maphosa, a headmaster from Chipinge district.

The Minister of State for Provincial Affairs, Cde Mandi Chimene who led the delegation called for collective effort in dignifying the shrines and above all the need to be vigilant in safeguarding the wishes of departed freedom fighters.

The 9th of August 1976 and 23 November 1977 remain some of the darkest days in the history of Zimbabwe, after Rhodesian Forces unleashed ground and air attacks brutally killing innocent sons and daughters of the soil.