The Goat Breeders Association of Zimbabwe (GBAZ) has started its advocacy role encouraging more breeders to support the government’s initiative of command livestock in the country.

The association organised a farm visit at Unadale Farm outside Harare to give practical lessons on goat breeding after a realisation that the demand for goat meat locally cannot be met with current levels of production let alone those of the export market.

“As a newly formed association we are alive to the fact that the country’s goat producers cannot meet local demand hence we have started to lobby for people to take goat breeding seriously as it is lucrative in terms of return on investment,” said the GBAZ chairperson Anisha Cader.

A commercial goat breeder Mr Chris Grant who specialises in breeding Kalahari red goats said Zimbabwe needs to invest more on research and development on breeding as it has a potential of creating real employment through various value chain processes.

“Of late interest on goat breeding is increasing amongst Zimbabweans through education but we have not yet reached our desired levels to economically benefit as currently we cannot meet local demand,” he said.

The Goat Breeders Association of Zimbabwe is happy with the progress made thus far in educating and lobbying for more participants to venture into goat breeding.