Enactus Boost Fellowship Zimbabwe is on a move to nurture the young especially university students to be innovative on entrepreneurship in order for them to contribute in transforming the nation.

Sponsors of Enactus Boost Fellowship Zimbabwe said it’s imperative to identify different talent from university students and empower them with skills to start entrepreneurship programmes which can transform their livelihoods.

Some of the sponsors told ZBC News during their meeting in Harare that support should be given to the youth who are innovative and can come up with new ideas that can transform the nation.

One of the students Paul Nyamadzawo said through such initiatives he managed to form a company that deals with waste management.

“We collect waste in all places around Harare with the objective of recycling it,” he said.

The Boost Fellowship Zimbabwe is yet to identify a national champion to represent Zimbabwe at the annual Enactus World Cup, a global competition to be held in the Silicon Valley, USA later this year.