Avocados from Chipinge now command a sizeable domestic and export market share, with calls to form an avocado production association cited as key in giving a further impetus to the boom.

About 60 percent of households in the upper Chipinge have avocado trees at their homesteads, while three companies in the area are exporting thousands of tonnes after commercialising avocado farming and turning it into a viable business venture.

The availability of avocados in abundance in Chipinge presents a lot of challenges for small scale farmers and traders who supply the domestic market as they are highly perishable.

Traders call for support to ensure that there is ready transport to ferry their produce as any delays result in huge losses.

While companies that export their avocados have a ready market, thousands of small scale farmers, despite commanding the greater domestic market share, continue to face a number of challenges with farmers being urged to form an association that will address the problems they are facing.

There is however a need  for a shift by small scale avocado farmers to grow avocado tree types that are less perishable if they want to export more, as bigger avocados are  mainly considered to be highly perishable than small ones.

High rainfall and good soils in the upper Chipinge make avocado production a lucrative business venture.