A call has been made for all political parties and their supporters and the public at large to desist from violence towards anyone especially women in the political arena.

Although efforts have been made to eliminate violence during elections, the Zimbabwe Gender Commission noted a rise in violence against women particularly candidates, voters, activists, party supporters, election workers and public officials among others prompting the petite volumes of women participating as candidates in this year’s harmonised election.

It is against that background that a call has been made for the public to stop violence coming in the form of hate speech and cyber bullying levelled against women. 

Addressing members of the fourth estate in a meeting today, the ZGC chairperson Margaret Sangarwe called for gender equality and the equal treatment of man and women in the country adding that the media should also assist initiating reportage on issues of violence against women to realise women’s political rights.

Among other issues raised at the meeting, the ZGC was encouraged to take a more vigorous and active approach to react to incidences of conflict.

Meanwhile, the unfair treatment and abuse of women in the political sphere has been noted as the main reason for decreased representation of women in political parties for the elections to be held on the 30th this month.

Women have constantly been targeted in hate speech, inflammatory language and hate speech.