A call has been made for the community beginning at family level to accept people with disability and give them a chance as they can contribute meaningfully to development.

Exclusion and discrimination of the disabled community begins at family level, where they are not fully accepted and empowered hence they remain one of the most marginalised group in society.

Speaking during a tour of the Jairos Jiri Harare Centre for Children with Disability, Special Advisor to the President on disability issues Cde Joshua Malinga said the late philanthropist Jairos Jiri’s vision for the disabled community should be carried forward as the society is yet to accept disability.

“People don’t understand how we support charity. Charity is an empowering thing that was propagated by Mr Jiri which needs to be supported,” he said.

Cde Malinga is conducting a number of tours to disability institutions so that they assess the needs of those institutions.

Jairos Jiri Association director, Mr Wilson Ruvhere said their institution is helping more than 350 people with disabilities and they will continue fighting for their rights to be respected.

“We as Jairos Jiri Association will continue to rehabilitate, educate, train and empower people with disabilities. We will continue to fight for their rights that they are given equal opportunities, inclusive education and ensure disability is mainstreamed in all government departments,” said Mr Ruvhere.

Research shows that people with disabilities experience serious exclusion in socio-political and economic spheres of life with 48 percent of them having no access to education yet there is proof that given equal opportunities they can contribute towards the development of the country.