A local young women empowerment agency “Queen Makers” is pushing for young girls to have an active role in the business sector in order to prepare them into becoming future economy drivers.

Barriers such as gender discrimination, lack of confidence, low literacy and lack of time and money continue to prevent girls and young women from fully participating in the mainstream economy.

It is against this backdrop that a local empowerment agency Queen Makers is directly supporting young women and girls who are in and out of school to reach their full potential through literacy and education training in business development.

The girls most of whom are taken from the country’s under-served and less privileged communities are also mentored by successful business women from big corporates.

Some of the young mentees who spoke to ZBC News said the initiative inspires, motivates and encourage them to paint a bigger dream that goes beyond one’s immediate environment.

Young girls and women are the future, however, they require proper guidance and support in order for them to realise their full potential as well as secure a brighter life.