Disgruntled motorists in Harare’s Central Business District say they are being mistreated and overcharged for parking and have called for a transparent system from City Parking management.            

Parking in Harare’s CBD has become a nightmare for some motorists who are always up in arms with City Parking officials claiming unfair clamping of their vehicles.

“We get arrears that we do not even know and this makes us inconvenient. Our business is interrupted by these clampings and we are overcharged,” said some motorists.

According to Mr Christopher Mugaga, an industry executive, this does not resonate well with the open for business mantra.

“Business is complaining that the fees charged are high and also vehicles are clamped without any evidence of parking arrears. This affects even foreign investors who come to do business here,” he said.

However, Mr Francis Mandaza, the Public Relations Manager of City Parking said their billing system does not cheat motorists but that fees accrue even if motorists leave the CBD without paying.

“Harare would become a traffic jungle if we withdraw our services. Rather we make conducting business in the city center easier for serious people. Prepaid parking discs charge for every 15 minutes and our rates compare well with regional rates so motorists should opt for them,” he said.

According to Mr Mandaza, charging for parking is a standard practise for all progressive metropolitan cities worldwide and is intended to dissuade motorists without meaningful business to enter the CBD, thereby decongesting the city.

It also generates revenue for the city’s infrastructural development projects.

City Parking is wholly owned by the City of Harare.