There is need for thorough voter education on the new polling station based voting system that was ushered in by the new constitution.

Some legal minds who spoke to the ZBC News said it is important for Zimbabweans to understand that the 2018 harmonised elections will allocate a specific polling station to the registered voter.

They said it is also crucial to ensure that the relevant authorities in charge of electoral processes disseminate adequate information regarding the places and times and the various processes which will be taking place to ensure that no eligible voter is disenfranchised.

They said the registration exercise should be more precise on the dates and time to enable the populace to plan and ensure that they do not miss the exercise in their areas.

The Dean of Law at the University of Zimbabwe, Professor Lovemore Madhuku said the voters’ role is most important and that it should have integrity.

There should be ample time for inspection of the voters roll and voting stations should be publicised well in time to ensure voters know where to go on voting day.

Professor Madhuku also implored the independent organisations and stakeholders to play their part in educating the electorate.

Professor Madhuku advised that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission should come up with the fastest means of conveying election results and avoid delays that may result in disputes as was the case in the Kenyan elections where a small error during transmission led to some stakeholders approaching the courts.

Legislator and political analyst Psychology Maziwisa said stake holders who include parliamentarians and others have a role to play in teaching the electorate on how they can successfully execute their democratic right.

He expressed satisfaction with the way Zimbabwe has carried out its duties so far and commended its transparency and effectiveness with which ZEC has done its duties to date.

He called on those bent on criticising ZEC to stand up and be counted in educating and informing the electorate.

The 2018 elections will be held under the new constitution which was adopted in 2013 where voters will be allocated a specific polling station.

Zimbabweans including those who have voted before are being encouraged to re-register under the biometric registration exercise.