Experts say there is need for a holistic approach towards rebuilding the Zimbabwe national air-transport by forging strategic alliances with some strong international airlines and partnering with local travel agencies who have the expertise and strong links to aggressively market the new fleet of aeroplanes on the international arena.

The procurement of a new fleet of aeroplanes by the government has been received as good news by travel agencies and experts who described the move as a giant step which will breathe life into the national air-carrier business and tourism at large.

Traverze Agency chief executive Zodwa Mukandla said like any other successful airlines who have forged strong alliances, the smooth take-off the new fleet calls for effective strategic linkages between Zimbabwe airlines management, local travel agencies and some international airlines to embark on an aggressive marketing of the new aircrafts.

There is also need for a paradigm shift in the management and operations of the new entity Zimbabwe Airways whereby little or no interference from central governance should be exercised for the new fleet to effectively perform and achieve the intended results on the local and global arena, notes corporate governance analyst Muhammed Umar.

Due to its accident free record Zimbabwe airlines have the potential to efficiently penetrate the international markets and observers feel that with the brand new fleet at hand failure to revive Zimbabwe air-transport sector is not an option.