The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe (ICAZ) has hailed the fast improving business environment and stressed the need for fiscal discipline, zero tolerance to corruption and shared vision in transforming the domestic economy during the post-election period.

Members of the ICAZ attending the 2018 centenary congress in Victoria Falls are positive about the growth prospects of the domestic economy which has over the past few months showed signs of resurgence.

ICAZ president Mr Martin Makaya who hailed the fast improving business environment as a result of ongoing economic reforms stressed the sound national vision post-election period and acceleration of macro-economic stabilisation drive.

“We are beginning to see some positive development on the economic front owing to efforts by the new administration to accelerate economic resuscitation. Going forward we therefore, need a shared national vision in growing the domestic economy,” he said.

Presenting a paper on the post-election Zimbabwe ICAZ member Mr Dony Mazingaizo who applauded the ongoing re-engagement with the international community highlighted the need for fiscal discipline, accountability and increased investments in capital projects.

“More needs to be done to rebalance the national budget and create fiscal space to unlock value around capital formation. The wage bill remains a major area of concern,” Mr Mazingaizo said.

The 2018 ICAZ congress comes at a time when the institute is celebrating 100 years of existence.

The platform has afforded the members an opportunity to reflect on the milestones achieved over the years including significant contribution to the international accounting standards body.