The Research Council of Zimbabwe (RCZ) is calling on diaspora experts, researchers and scientists to participate in knowledge generation and exchange programmes to advance Zimbabwe’s research capacities towards economic development.

Research is crucial for all nations, but more so for developing nations seeking to join the global information society and compete in sophisticated knowledge economies.

Under the rapid results initiative on creating smart partnerships, breaking silos and synergising the national research, science technology and innovation system, the Research Council of Zimbabwe is calling on Zimbabweans living and working in the diaspora to participate in skills development in national research institutions.

“The initiative is essential in supporting the country’s economy,” said Mrs Susan Muzite, the Research Council of Zimbabwe Executive Director.

Some of the priority areas include small scale mining, clean water alternatives, cyber security systems, biogas energy and post harvest technologies.

Mrs Muzite said linkages need to be encouraged between tertiary institutions, industry and research institutions for the production of new ideas, products and services relevant for the growth of the economy.