Zanu PF youths from Matabeleland North Province have expressed optimism that with more vocational training centres, the youth can explore available natural resources to contribute to the national economy.

Matabeleland North Province is endowed with vast natural resources ranging from minerals, wildlife, timber, fisheries and tourist attractions, all contributing significantly to the growth of the economy.

However, the majority of them have no pre-requisite skills to explore natural resources and manage businesses.

Zanu PF youths Cde Wellington Tagarira and Cde Allan Nyakuwarwa believe the establishment of youth training centres will equip young people with the skills and experience in their areas of interest so that they are able to take advantage of the natural resources.

According to Zanu PF acting youth secretary for administration, Cde Jusa Zakariah, it is unfortunate that the province does not have vocational training centres which are seen as the tool that can equip young people with skills to embark on value addition projects.

“If you look at the youth now yes they may say they want loans to start businesses but most of them need training first because they have no skills to process the natural resources into finished products. So before we talk of loans, let us make sure we have the right skills then that way we can contribute positively to the economy as youths,” he said.

The call for vocational training centres comes at a time when the province will be hosting the Presidential Youth Interface rally at Somhlolo Stadium tomorrow, in which the President Cde Robert Mugabe is expected to respond to the concerns raised by the young people from the seven districts of the province.