Legislation and stiffer penalties alone are said to be inadequate to deal with the externalisation of money and other malpractices that have caused liquidity challenges.

This comes as some Zimbabweans call for incentives for cash deposit as a way of rebuilding public confidence in the banking sector.

The continued speculative tendencies by some unscrupulous business people is said to have affected the free flow of cash in the economy.

Economic analysts Mr Zack Murerwa said there is need to address the attitude of people and put in place incentives in order to ensure all the cash goes to the bank.

Harare lawyer, Mr Zivanai Makwanya believes apart from the legislative framework put in place, there must be scientific mitigation in order to fully deal with speculation and externalisation.

Apart from the illicit dealings which saw money being traded at the country’s borders, buying of goods and services outside the country which are locally accessible is said to be another challenge that require urgent attention.