Stakeholders dealing with water and sanitation issues have challenged the media to correctly report on issues of sanitation and hygiene since it is one of the key economic and social drivers.

The media has been challenged to correctly report water and sanitation hygiene, wash, to push forward the agenda of sanitation  and hygiene so as to improve the sector which is being neglected.

In an interview with the ZBC News on the sidelines of a media engagement dialogue in Harare, Wash Information and Knowledge Management officer, Mr Lovemore Dhoba, said towns and cities are prone to diseases such as typhoid and cholera which would be indications of the failure by relevant authorities to manage the sector.

“The major aim of this workshop is to try and strengthen advocacy for sanitation and hygiene in a bid to garner both political and social commitment required to make a real difference in the sector,” he said.

Mr Lovemore Mujuru who is the national coordinator Zimbabwe Water Supply and Sanitation, Collaborative Council also said they want to explore various ways in which media houses can actively and effectively increase the quality of sanitation and hygiene coverage.

Most towns and cities are failing to adequately deal with issues of water and sanitation, a situation that needs participation of different stakeholders.