diamonds chiyadzwa.jpgZimbabweans and the stakeholders in the local mining industry have described the recent call for a ban in trade of the Chiadzwa diamonds by New York-based Rapaport Diamond Trading Network as misguided and an attempt to perpetuate the sanctions agenda on the country.

The dismissal by the country’s citizens of the call for a boycott of the Chiadzwa diamonds follow a recent statement by a New York-based international network of diamond buyers and suppliers threatening members of the association with expulsion for buying the gems.

Several people who spoke to ZBC News said the American-based network has no right to block the auctioning of the diamonds given the certification by the global diamond watchdog, the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, which resulted in the maiden sale of the gems last Wednesday.

Affirmative Action Group (AAG) Executive Director, Dr. Davison Gomo who described the call as misguided said the American diamond buyers network’s comments seek to perpetuate the sanctions agenda given the potential of diamonds in busting the economic embargo.

“Such behavior can only be described as misguided and silly. It is not surprising that such comments are coming from America and we know their agenda is to perpetuate the sanctions agenda,” said Dr. Gomo. 

During the last KP Inter-Sessional meeting in Tel Aviv, Israel, United States of America, Canada and Australia were at the forefront in blocking the certification of the Chiadzwa diamonds despite all other participants’ endorsement of the gems.


Observers say there is a fear by the country’s detractors that Zimbabwe may upset the super powers’ control of the global diamond industry given the fact that the country is set to be the biggest player in the industry.