A call has been made for more awareness campaigns on human trafficking in rural and remote areas as young people continue falling victim due to desperation.

This came out at the anti-trafficking inter-ministerial committee capacity building workshop currently underway in the capital.

The government has raised concern over the need for more awareness campaigns on trafficking in persons especially in rural communities where people are falling victim due to desperation and lack of information.

The Minister of Home Affairs, Dr Obert Mpofu said there is need to educate rural communities on human trafficking and spearhead response at grassroots level by establishing district response committees.

There is need to come up with new and modern strategies in dealing with human traffickers said International Organisation for Migration project manager Daniel Sam.

Zimbabwe is on track in countering trafficking in persons through capacity building says United Nations office on drugs and crime regional capacity building officer Greenwell Lyempe.

The country successfully developed the first national plan of action for 2016 to 2018 an implementation tool of the trafficking in persons act and the plan also bears the frame of reference on the country’s national trafficking in person’s response strategy.