A call has been made for the nation to adopt a zero tolerance to litter attitude in order to ensure a clean and habitable environment for all.

This came out during a massive Harare CBD clean-up campaign held by the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries in partnership with the Harare City Council and the Environmental Management Agency (EMA).

The habit of dumping litter everywhere has become a deep rooted culture in most urban areas with the accumulation of garbage ending up being a health hazard and a breeding ground for cholera and typhoid.

The church has a role to play in improving the city’s hygienic status, said PHD Ministries leader, Prophet Walter Magaya.

Harare City Council Acting Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, Dorothy Mavolwane said the local authority remains committed in advancing the anti-litter cause.

Harare City Council has made strides in improving service delivery and the complementary role from the church will go a long way in ensuring citizens become responsible.