Tokado Kickboxing Organisation says the country has great potential to be a kickboxing power house if more support is channeled towards the sport.

The organisation held a kickboxing grading ceremony in Chipinge and gave seven kick boxers certificates after excelling in their training.

The grading ceremony saw Cosmas Mutizamhepo being given first dan black belt, while were given yellow and red belts.

Tokado Kickboxing Organisation Director for Manicaland Province, Gift Muchikwa Murinda said the grading system is an important step towards promoting the growth of the sport in the country.

He urged more people to join the sport, saying as an ordained priest with the Anglican Church and a Chaplain engaged by the Zimbabwe National Army, his duties have not affected him from representing the country at a number of kickboxing events.

Cosmas Mutizamhepo, who now holds a first dan black belt, said lack of sponsorship is affecting the growth of the sport in Chipinge district.

Tokado has introduced kickboxing in only three provinces in the country and the organisation is working on promoting kickboxing in the other seven provinces.