The specialization of sexual offenses and domestic violence courts has been cited as key in transforming the justice delivery system.

Sexual offenses and domestic violence are some of the serious crimes that require the courts to be diligent when presiding over them.

Acting Chief Magistrate, Mr Munamato Mutevedzi said there is need for specialisation of courts that deal with sexual offences to ensure they are given the necessary attention and priority.

“The problem we have is that the courts seem to prioritise other matters which are deemed more important for example murder or armed robbery. The sexual matters will be relegated despite that they are equally serious offenses. If there is specialisation, such courts will be dealing with these matters and that way we will succeed,” he said.

The introduction of the specialised courts such as the anti-corruption courts and the commercial courts seem to be the ideal path to be followed as it promotes professional and quick handling of fraud cases.

Caribbean countries have implemented specialized courts for sexual offenses and their model is trending on the international community.