martin dinha.jpgCivic organisations say the call for elections this year by Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe is appropriate as the country cannot expect COPAC to deliver a people driven constitution any time soon.

Civic organisations are in agreement with the call for elections with the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Justice saying political parties should go for polls, noting that delays in the constitution making process are meant to stall progress in the holding of elections.

The organisation’s national coordinator, Advocate Martin Dinha (pictured) says the misinterpretation of the Global Political Agreement by the MDC- T has resulted in the party demanding reforms especially in the constitution making process, a move which he said is misinformed.

“We have a situation whereby the MDC-T is not willing to go for elections because they have nothing to offer the electorate, but now they claim that there should be constitutional reforms. We are saying lets go for elections now,” said Advocate Dinha.

madhuku.jpgNational Constitutional Assembly chairman, Professor Lovemore Madhuku says elections should be held in a peaceful environment but hinted that polls will be conducted under the Lancaster House Constitution as COPAC cannot be trusted to deliver.

“The GPA which led to the birth of the inclusive government was meant stop the violence that were witnessed in the polls, that is why it had an expiry period. We think elections should be held in a peaceful manner,” Professor Madhuku said.

Zimbabwe’s GPA signed in 2008 has no provision for the formulation of a new constitution.

While the MDC-T has been developing cold feet over elections anticipated for this year, Zanu PF has maintained that the country should go to the polls and put to an end to the dysfunctional inclusive government that has stalled national development for the past three years.

At the official opening of the just ended belated 2011 annual chiefs conference in Bulawayo, President Mugabe said elections will be held this year with or without the new constitution as the essence of the GPA was never about having a new supreme law of the land.