nicholas goche.jpgGovernment is in the process of formulating a bill that shall see the disbandment of the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) from the regulatory authority as the organisation has been accused of playing the referee and player, thus leaving loopholes.

The Minister of Transport, Communication and Infrastructural Development, Cde Nicholas Goche confirmed that government has since submitted its contributions to the Attorney General’s office for the drafting of the bill to be sent to cabinet for approval before it is taken to parliament for debate.


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Presenting oral evidence before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Transport and Infrastructure Development, Cde Goche said government decided to come up with the bill following numerous problems associated with the national airline’s planes, hence the need to have a regulatory authority independent of CAAZ.

“As you might be aware, recently one of our planes got involved in an accident with a pig. This is not the first time – it was a well thought move to allow impartiality in monitoring the fitness of our planes and the environment they are operating in,” he said.

Apart from managing all the country’s airports, CAAZ is also mandated to issue licenses of airworthiness which means the fitness authority given to airplanes to fly in a situation observers said left room for bias in its operations.