Over the years, poetry has been used as a way of expressing one’s self at the same time infusing history and culture through uncommon words that strike a code of who we are.

Renowned Bulawayo based poet, Thamsanqa Gumbo, is embracing the language of poetry to preserve culture as well as express himself.

Thamsanqa, also known as ‘Thipa,’ is more than just a poet, but an all-round artist who can direct films, perform theatre arts, write scripts for plays, act and sing.

He recently recorded a new song titled Kanzima.

The poet said Kanzima is of sentimental value as the arts industry taught him to persevere in order to get to where he is today.

“Kanzima is a song that everyone can relate to. As I recall, I was not smart in the classroom, but I realised my talent was in performing arts when given a part to play at school. I have been involved in performing arts ever since and I have never looked back. The music industry was never easy but I am proud of how far I have come. Poetry also tells people who they are in society and how society perceives them,” said Gumbo.

Thamsanqa said society continues to be receptive of poetry as an art that can be fused with music, as he performs at gatherings such as bride price paying ceremonies (lobola) and weddings.

He noted that having a category in the National Arts Merits Awards (NAMA) shows that poetry is leaving a mark in the arts industry.