In what is likely to be the best agricultural year for Bulawayo, almost the entire space of land available has been taken up for urban farming and has a lash green maize crop that is at a filling stage, pointing towards a bumper yield.

A tour of the city’s farming areas showed that every square meter of land available is under crop this year as people intensify urban agriculture in a country whose economy is agro-based.

Residents told the ZBC News that the good crop this year is a demonstration that even in urban areas, people can still effectively use the available land to produce their own crop especially in years of good rains.

The bulk of the crop is at a filling stage and confidence is abound that a generally good harvest will signal economic growth as resources meant for drought mitigation relief would now be channeled towards other productive sectors.

However, in some communities with clay soils, farmers did not plant due to water logging while the continuous rains have also led to leaching.