A grade seven boy (14) from Bulawayo has appeared before Bulawayo magistrate, Tinashe Tashaya facing charges of murdering a 79 year old granny after he was caught stealing a loaf of bread in her house.

It is the state case that on the 9th on March 2019, the juvenile (name withheld) proceeded to plot number 20, Claremont Road, Worringham where he gained entry into the house through a partially closed window.

The juvenile was caught red handed stealing bread by the now deceased Eunice Pilime, who beat him.

The boy allegedly overwhelmed Mrs Pilime and hammered her with a log before reaching for a metal rod, which he used to strike the helpless granny on her left leg.

As the granny fell, the accused then grabbed a metal garden hoe and struck Mrs Pilime on the head.

Prosecuting, Mr Mufaro Mageza told the court that upon realising that the deceased was unconscious, he sprinkled rat poison powder on the now deceased face and mislead his mother that he heard the deceased screaming only to find out that she was lying unconscious after unknown persons had robbed her.

However, police investigations revealed that the indicted had committed the offence and had attempted to conceal it.

The juvenile was remanded out of custody to a date yet to be set for next month.