South Africa based Bulawayo comedians are working on a movie production set to be released by Diamond Studios at the end of this month.

Bulawayo Street comedy giants Morris Moyo and Last Dube well known as Omkula have collaborated Mthulisi Moyo, a South Africa based comedy writer and actor for a third series of his comedy movie titled ‘Mahlalela’.

Mthulisi who has worked with Alfred Manjalima and South African artist Freddy Gwala in his first series of Mahlalela in 2015 told the ZBC News crew that this year he decided to work with more local based actors.

“This year I have another great Mahlalela drama which features Morris Moyo and Last Dube well known for street and stand up comedies in Bulawayo. The production will be well received as a production by local artist,” said Mthulisi.

The hilarious duo of Moyo and Dube expressed how they are grateful for being part of the production which is going to mark their come back to the comedy industry.

“We have returned to the circles with a stress relieving hilarious comedy drama in collaboration with Mahlalela, as locals we hope the movie will be well received,” said Moyo while Dube said; “Special thanks to Mahlalela as he has decided to collaborate with us Zimbabweans even when we are based in South Africa. We are hoping for support locally and less piracy for this particular production”.

In the drama the three comedians are caught up in a quarrel after Mthulisi who features as Mahlalela could not find his belongings.c