Bulawayo based artistes have bemoaned the lack of support for those in theatre and drama citing poor remuneration from cultural promoters.

Performing artists in the theatre and drama categories revealed that Zimbabwean actors as compared to those in the region are not getting the recognition they deserve from arts promoters.

It was noted that in most cases actors and actresses had to meet their own make up and wardrobe requirements hence the need to ensure they are well remunerated.

Giving their submissions during arts stakeholders meeting called upon by the Minister of Sport, Arts and Recreation Kazembe Kazembe, the artistes called for artists to be given equal opportunities when it comes to different artistic genres.

The issue of contracts was also highlighted as those from outside the country are given more money at the expense of those from the local arts industry.

Minister Kazembe however promised to address their concerns and pleaded with the artists to have a forward looking attitude.